May 5

Willie Wonka 

Get a load a this! Some amazing production and concept drawings from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factor from the great #HarperGoff 

May 23

well, i cant say they misquoted me

Jan 13


A while back,  I came across this map of Chicago nationalities and wages by residents. It’s from 1895 and I found the color code so interesting. So I made a palette of thecolors and hunted down some images with similar colors. It helps me see it andexplain it in an easier more relatable way to others. ( to help me convince everyonethat I’m not crazy and to trust me.) these colors wouldn’t work for most sets but itwas perfect for the one I was working on. #productiondesign #colorpalette

Nov 12

Big Apple Film Festival

Super talented writer director and friend Spring Sutter, @springita11 her short film is an official selection in the Big Apple Film Festival (did I mention I designed it as well being a co-producer) tickets on sale now. Screening November 21, at Cinépolis Chelsea, 260 W 23rd St #theSmellofSmokefilm #bigapplefilmfestival #productiondesign #shortfilm #filmmakers

Nov 5

Nancy Drew

A compressed version of the steps to building The Drew House set for Nancy Drew that I put together for instagram.

Nov 5

Emmy Awards

We won!

Nov 4

Hurricane of Fun: The Making of Wet Hot American Summer

In 2000, David Wain and Michael Showalter set out to make their first film, Wet Hot American Summer. It was a low-budget, independent comedy, and they cast their friends - many newcomers to the business - Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and many more. Released in 2001, it was panned by critics but has since become a cult classic, and those "friends" have gone on to become some of the biggest names in comedy. During the original shoot, over 25 hours of behind-the-scenes footage was shot, and it’s never been seen before - until now.

Nov 4

Capt'n Chicken

Behind the scenes from 'Fun Size' Paramount 2012

Some of whats involved in transforming a location.

(and constructing a giant mechanical chicken)

Nov 4


A big thank you to Variety for including me in their Artisan Elite Report.

Nov 4

I'm In A Book

At long last, this is the definitive Wet Hot American Summer book fans have been clamoring for! Screenwriters David Wain and Michael Showalter take pen to page and create a hilarious, behind-the-scenes annotated version of the original screenplay that launched a thousand Halloween costumes. They provide commentary on and insight into how and why they made the artistic decisions they did while writing and filming the movie that went on to become a true cult classic, as well as an ongoing Netflix series. The book will also feature reproduced ephemera from filming—photos, original (and scathing) reviews, AIM chat conversations, marked up script pages, and so much more. Written and curated by Wain and Showalter, this will be the must-have guide to all things Wet Hot. From Abrams Books. Wherever books are sold! e.g. Amazon

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