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The Maddening, Rewarding World of Design People

'Please Give' Sony Pictures Classics

“PLEASE GIVE” Review  by Kirk Honeycutt 

"The self-enclosed world of these New Yorkers is very well observed as designer Mark White has made the apartments, streets and businesses all seem to belong to the same small village."

“Winter’s Bone” Review  by Justin Chang
“The world Granik, lenser Michael McDonough and production designer Mark White have captured -- an open junkyard where trailers and cottages are all but indistinguishable from the surrounding scrap heaps -- conveys such a bone-deep sense of place, it's hard not to imagine (even hope) that it harbors yet more evil secrets waiting to be discovered.”

by David Parkinson "Winter's Bone"  Review
"Mark White’s meticulous production design, which barely distinguishes between the dwellings occupied by the feuding families and the ramshackle outhouses surrounded by rusting junk. but this is far from being another clichéd backwoods melodrama, as the dealings are largely conducted by the womenfolk, who never seem to use more words than are strictly necessary."

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